Friday, 12 August 2011

Considering Basic Behavioral Rules of Users while developing iPhone apps

iPhone app development is more than just developing applications for iPhone. An iPhone developer is the one who first needs to be familiar with technical requirements of learning iPhone app development. Those technical requirements include familiarity with C style memory management and a Mac device. Though, these are helpful to have, they are not necessary. Now, when iPhone apps development company sets out to hire iPhone developers, it needs to make sure that each and every iPhone developer is familiar with the fundamental design rules of application development. Developer needs to know what and how the users think. According to Apple's design guidelines, users are accustomed to power, accessibility and simplicity. Therefore, iPhone app development needs to be handled keeping in mind these three fundamental rules of design.

In its iOS Human Interface guidelines, Apple suggests the iPhone developers that before indulging in iPhone app development, you need to first decide which features are you going to include in your application. You also need to be very clear in your mind who is your audience? To be precise to whom you want to introduce your application? Having decided this, you also need to make sure on which device your application will be running on. Accordingly, an iPhone developer will decide its look and feel on that particular device. If a developer brings existing software to iOS, he will face many of the same challenges. The more you redesign the present software in accordance with iOS, it can help take some more decisions that also transmit the information to other successful interactive transitions such as those for Mail and Keynote. Hence, the fundamental aspect of any iPhone app development is to keep in mind that what the users think and feel. Each and every step of the application development starting from ideation to design, look, feel and stop button should reflect this concern for the users. It is the concern that finally translates into huge success of the application.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

iPhone Developers Come up with Stunning and Unique Applications

Professional iPhone application development undertaken by iPhone developers result in stunning and ravishing iPhone applications. Though there are applications that address different users and their needs, there are some applications which are business oriented. To name a few applications, Pageonce Personal Assistant, which combines various on line accounts, from banking and investing to bill paying to airline frequent fliers. It allows you to access just all these sites from its own platform instead of surfing 15 different sites for your monthly bill pay/pain time. Companies hire iPhone developers who are the best minds in the industry to develop such applications. Other application is that of AOL Radio: KCRW. Another is Fring which covers Google Talk, AIM, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, plus VoIP calls over Wi-Fi if you are low on minutes at home or in the coffee shop. iPhone developers have created an amazing application named Remote which is good for those who are addicted to iTunes. If you use iTunes frequently at home and especially if you listen away from your desk via a stereo hookup or Airport Express, you need the Remote.

Professional iPhone development takes deep knowledge and skill of the iPhone developers who also distribute their applications on Apple store. App Store has hundreds and thousands of such applications developed by talented developers with a special focus on iPhone. iPhone apps developers have great professional advantage as far as creating unique and innovative business applications are concerned. These applications need to be created in such a way as to ease the business processes. There are various business iPhone applications such as Oracle Business Indicators, Workday, SiteCatalyst, Active Strategy Mobile, Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers. Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers helps sales manager review sales quotes, and access business intelligence reports. This type of professional iPhone application development helps make informed decisions regarding sales and other business operations dependent upon the sales. Hence, in order to develop unique and innovative iPhone applications, iPhone developers need to be well-learned and tech savvy.